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Vibration Welding and Spin welding






CPC allows a controlled vibration start under burden and an active stop,  both with a
speed of 60 ms, as well as an ideal vibration behaviour during the whole welding process.
In combination with the double coil technique, the efficiency is more than 50 % higher
than with traditional vibration techniques. Process times are 30 – 40 % shorter with a
simultaneous decrease in the appearance of lint. An active slow down avoids furthermore
the mechanical burden on the weld line during the cooling process.






  • Welding of circular joint that are not easily welded by ultrasonics.

  • Faster cycle time when compared with  other methods.

  • Can Weld all Thermoplastics

  • Best for PP and PE welding

  • Welding of Dissimilar materials can be done

  • Very High Strengths Welds

  • Heat confined to weld interface

  • Easily automated

  • Low cost, quick change tooling

  • Low maintenance

  • Low power consumption



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