The packaging sector is where ultrasonic technology finds a broad spectrum of uses: installing ultrasonic enclosing systems on a classic line, it is possible to solder and incise plastic made packaging of any kind and dimensions. Soldering sonotrodes remain cold during such procedure, thus avoiding potential damage to heat-sensitive materials. In addition, this cold process reduces machinery maintenance and cleaning costs, since tools don’t get contaminated with residual particles.


– Perfect results even on areas that are not completely uncontaminated
– No foreign particles on the binding surface
– Non-stick gear
– Reduced processing times
– Less cleaning efforts
– Ultrasonic waves are safe, reliable, fast and can be applied in countless products
– Shorter sealing, welding and cooling times
– Increased production speed
– Lower energy costs
– High quality sealing / welding in contaminated area
– No warm up time
– Sonotrodes work cold and remain clean longer
– Maintenance or cleaning tasks not required.

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