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Ultrasonic Sieving Generator

DGS-Generator: The DGS is a digital generator, available in 50 W, 100 W and 200 W versions. It adjusts frequency bandwidth and variation speed via a software that will work with most Microsoft Windows computers.

Models: DGS-S, DGS-T & Atex-Version

DGS-S & DGS-T: These generators can be used for all mains voltage worldwide without any adjustment. It is available with 1 (single) or 2 (twin) HF-Output Sockets for use of 1 or 2 converters. The adjustable bandwidth ranges from 30 to 38 kHz. On the front plate the vibration amplitude and thus the output power can be modified between 50% and 100%. LED’s show the alarm and operation status. One serial output allows for connection of a PC or PLC to match operation parameters to the application.


These generators are used in dust explosion proof zone 22. The standard working parameters are:

– Working area: 30 to 38 kHz (adjustable)
– 100% amplitude
– 500 kHz bandwidth
– 50 kHz sweep-speed


– No tuning of the mechanics necessary
– Frequency variation avoids hot spots or at least reduces the temperature in those spots.
– DGS search for ideal working point and re-tune within fixed time intervals.

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