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Ultrasonic Cleaners is a modern, safe, efficient, most economical and fastest way for effectively removing of contaminants and tenacious deposits such as dirt, oil, grease, filings, small chips, surface dust, biofilm, organic matter and contamination of various kind from different shaped items like mechanical parts, gears, moulds, surgical instruments, precision instruments and other objects with complex geometry.

Design characteristics:

– Piezoelectric Transducers
– Sweep System oscillator module
– Microprocessor circuit base for degassing, heating and ultrasonics (EP version)
– Stainless steel nipple TIG welded providing a watertight seal
– Stainless steel with special surface treatment
– Waterproof membrane keyboard with led display (EP version)
– Drain Cock ½”
– Sturdy handles.

Sweep System Technology offers the following advantages:

– Faster cleaning
– Damage free cleaning
– Increased distribution of ultrasound energy eliminating the standing waves
– Improved cavitation
– Facilitate the ultrasonic wave crossing through the mesh wire basket and the complicated objects to be cleaned.

Field of Applications:

– Mechanical Industry & Degreasing
– Electronic Industry
– Chemical Labs
– Cleaning of Metallographic, Ceramic & Mineralogical Specimens
– Firearms Maintenance
– Jewels & Clock Industry
– Winch Maintenance
– SCUBA & SCBA Cleaning
– Dental / Medical & Infection Control.


Types of Control Panel


The simplest version equipped with a timer which can be set for up to 15 minutes. It can also be set to manual operation. Sweep System generator included.


This is equipped with a timer which can be set for up to 15 minutes and can also be set to manual operation. The thermostat for the heater is set at 600C. Sweep System generator included.


Cleaning times and temperatures controlled electronically by a microprocessor. Waterproof control panel. Sweep System generator included.


The most technologically advanced version with modern digital display control panel; degassing time setting; cleaning times from 0 to 99 minutes; tank liquid temperature setting up to 700C; storage capacity for up to 10 cleaning programmes; Jet program function allows for quick and easy cleaning cycles. Sweep System generator included.


– Stainless steel holder basket
– Special stainless steel holder for volumetric flask
– Auxiliary stainless steel tank for indirect cleaning with aggressive detergent which can also be used as a rinse or holding tank after the ultrasonic cleaning
– Small stainless steel immersion basket for cleaning small objects
– Glass beaker, complete with retaining ring
– Stainless steel lid
– Stainless steel cassettes carrier for dental instruments which holds up to 5 instruments
– Glass beaker positioner made in electro finished stainless steel
– SONICA decontamination tank kit: 1 stainless steel tank autoclavable;1 stainless steel autoclavable lid; 1 metal positioning case for stainless steel tank; 1 SONICA CL 4% concentrated disinfectant detergent.


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