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Ultrasonic Converter


– LP1 is qualified for the sieving of pigmented powder.
– It is used with sieves of less than 0.3 m² of surface.
– It works within a frequency range between 30 to 38 KHz.
– It is able to apply the required ultrasonic energy extremely gentle and with a minimal production of temperature onto the sieve.
– It’s range of use are sieving applications within powder centers and cyclones, completely without or with merely light vibration of the sieve.


– C35-SD8 is an Atex compliant converter, designed for sieving, cutting and feeding.
– It works within a frequency range between 30 to 38 KHz.
– It can deliver up to 200 W output power in cycled applications for a short time.
– In continuous applications, the maximum output power is 120 W.
– The cable connection is designed according to military standards, making it suitable for the use with vibrating or tumbling sieving machines.
– Also, damaged bolts can be replaced.


– This converter is used for twin applications in sieving, feeding or cutting.
– It is Atex certified and has the same output power as the SD8.

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