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DRSE Maximizer Deck Separator

DRSE Maximizer Deck Separators is specially designed to screen bulk material containing large percentage of both oversize and undersize particles. It is mostly used in dry applications for scalping and de-dusting in various industries to provide high efficiency and high capacity compared to conventional Vibro Separators. It provides 50% more screening area without increasing floor space requirements to improve efficiency and increase capacity.

Material fed to the top-smaller diameter screen either passes through the mesh or discharges 360o around the periphery of the Maximizer Deck and is re-screened by the bottom mesh. All material screened from both meshes is discharged through one outlet.

It can be retrofitted to existing Vibro Separators to improve production capacity without increasing floor space requirements at minimal cost. Also, it reduces modification cost as only the Maximizer sieve deck is required and the rest of the existing machine including the base and drive assembly can be re-used.

– Three Standard Sizes: 48”, 60” & 70” diameter to meet your screening and separation needs
– Other models are available on request.

– The dual screen design increases active screening area by over 50% compared to conventional separators
– High capacity and longer mesh life
– Improves screening efficiency due to material have longer travel time on the screen mesh before it is discharged
– User friendly and very easy to operate
– Minimized screen blinding
– Low running and maintenance costs.

– Dry chemical powder
– Starch
– Spices
– Pigment
– Polymer
– De-dusting
– Flour
– Beads.

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