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DRSE Self Cleaning Filter

DRSE Self Cleaning Filter is designed to resolve prominent industry challenges that is to increase productivity and reduce operating costs by complete automation of filtering equipment.

It works on principle of the pressure exerted by a fluid is inversely proportional to its flow velocity and that the sum of velocity and pressure in flowing fluids is constant. It works better than the traditional Industrial Strainer by automatically cleaning the mesh basket.

This machine is ideal for Extremely Viscous Liquid with Flow Rates up to 750 LPM and Running (water like) Liquids – Flow Rates up to 1833 LPM

– Complete Automation with PLC
– Minimum Wastage of Principle Product
– Low Operating & Inventory Costs
– Elimination of Disposable Bags and Cartridges
– 100% Uptime-Negligible Maintenance
– Neatly Engineered for Existing Production Lines
– High Productivity & Safety.

– Food
– Paint
– Sugar
– Paper
– Pharmaceuticals
– Environmental & Energy
– Oil & Gas.

– Ink, Paint & Emulsion
– Recycled Waste Waters
– Juice, Syrup & Molasses
– Chocolate
– Paper Coatings
– Liquid Detergents
– CIP Fluids
– Machine Coolants
– Hot Fry
– Edible Oils.

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