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Vibrating Sieve Feeder

Vibrating Sieve Feeders are used for sack tipping and feeding vibrating sieves. It is designed to provide safe handling for all types of sacks and for reducing dust emissions. It is typically used for safety screening when separating food products, to ensure that there is no contamination between raw materials delivered in bags. It can be used with the vibrating screen series VPB, VPM or VP2 with mechanical and pneumatic transport of the material. The sack tip station is completely mobile and has all of the features of standard screens

Models: SACK TIP STATION 500 – 800 – 900 – 1200

Design characteristics:
– Removable booth, open at the front, with dust extraction hole
– Removable grid fixed with three knobs
– Body and trolley in AISI 304 stainless steel
– Mechanical or pneumatic conveyor
– Electrical panel with separate controls for screen and conveyor.

– Food & Beverages
– Agriculture
– Aggregates & Construction.

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