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VPB - Food & Powder

VPB line is offered in 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm. Apart from VPB-450 and VPB-600, the VPB range can be supplied with 1 to 3 processing decks. This range is capable of processing 50 kg – 3,000 kg per hour depending on the material being processed and mesh size. The main point of differentiation from other sieves is its stainless steel trolley (optional), top cylindrical ring plate and rapid-clamping ring.

Models: VPB-450, VPB-500, VPB-600, VPB-800

Design characteristics:
– Circular vibrating sieve
– Compact size, height adjustability, mobility and highly versatile
– Cylindrical upper deck
– Parts in contact with the product in AISI 304 stainless steel
– Electric vibrating motor operating at 3,000 or 1,500 RPM, IP65
– Quick-release band clamps
– Automatic mesh cleaning system
– Cover with suction and inspection hole
– Trolley or fixed base in stainless steel (upon request)
– FDA-approved and ATEX certified.

– Screening and separation of dry powders and granular materials.

– Ease of cleaning
– Compact dimensions
– Ease of installation
– Vibrating motor with 2 years warranty.

– Food & Beverages
– Oil, Mining & Minerals
– Chemicals & Plastic
– Coatings
– Agriculture
– Metal Powders
– Waste & Recycling.

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