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  • DR Sonic Engineering Co., Ltd. is an industrial machinery / equipment supplier that is capable of meeting all machinery demands of modern day manufacturing. Our company also offers Ultrasonic Technology in Thailand and overseas.

Sieving Generator

DGS-Generator: The DGS is a digital generator, available in 50 W, 100 W and 200 W versions. It adjusts frequency bandwidth and variation speed via a software that will work with most Microsoft Windows computers.

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Ultrasonic Converter

LP1 is qualified for the sieving of pigmented powder. It is used with sieves of less than 0.3 m² of face. It is able to apply the required ultrasonic energy with a minimal production of temperature onto the sieve.

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Ultrasonic Blades Knives

Ultrasonic Blades / Knives are designed and produced for the use of phase angle controlled generators without frequency variation that involves geometrical restrictions related with high costs because:

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Ultrasonic Sieves

With converter outside the frame, the following advantages are generated: - Sieving powder deposits does not stick to the converter. - Simplified and cheaper support mechanics between converter and frame.

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Ultrasonic screener

All the screening machines can be combined with ultrasonic as shown in the picture. Ultrasonic screening is a unique type of screening that applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the mesh screen causing the screen fabric to vibrate.

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Ultrasonic Cleaning System

Ultrasonic Cleaners is a modern, safe, efficient, most economical and fastest way for effectively removing of contaminants and tenacious deposits such as dirt, oil, grease, filings, small chips,

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Our technical team comprises of highly qualified professionals, including engineers and process technologists.

Each member of this team has a considerable amount of expertise in ultrasonic cleaning and is therefore able to offer a wide range of services, from CAD design through to evaluating the most suitable cleaning process for your application and it is our prime objective to ensure your specifications are met.


About Us

DR-Sonic Engineering Co., Ltd. is an Industrial Machinery / Equipments supplier that is capable of meeting all machinery demands of modern day manufacturing. Our company also offers Ultrasonic Technology in Thailand and overseas. Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality machines (manufactured in Europe) at competitive prices.

We specialize in Food & Beverage Industry, Automotive Industry, Plastic Industry, Textile Industry, Powder Industry, Medical Device Industry, Cosmetics Industry, Packaging Industry and most general Industrial Machinery.

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Fine powders, atomized powders, solid materials, granulated products, spray dried powders, pulp and paper, liquids, slurries, oils, paints, coatings, chemicals, pharmaceutical materials, metal powders, mining and mineral particles, ceramics, fertilizers, waste water processing, de-watering materials, petroleum, construction aggregates, etc.

2 Mesh – 1000 Mesh (4 mm opening up to 18 micron).

We provide best quality repair & re-meshing services. Other parts are also available such as clamping rings, screen rings, decks, screener motors, gaskets, rubber balls, plastic cylinders, air cleaning system, tie rods, spacers, springs, bolts, covers for inspection holes, dust spigots, etc.

Our highly qualified technical team with an expertise in ultrasonic solutions enable us to offer services and advice specific to the need of clients

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